Sunday, March 15, 2009

#60 - 15 March 2009 - "Commandment #4 for Kitchen Survival"

"Beware the Ides of March." -from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

#4 Learn from your mistakes. And...every one makes them. Your smarts in the kitchen has much to do with experience and learning from your mistakes. Your intelligence is in recognizing them and doing something about it to correct them - now or in the future. Expertise often comes from having failed in small ways and using those experiences to get it right.... Peace.


It's Tax-Time! So, my available moments have been crunched; and I have family in Califiornia, my wife and daughter are coming in on saturday, other frinds (Mike & Judy) are coming in on Friday, and I'm working on plans to meet Chef Keller on Wednesday, and planning is under way for an event in April at The Art Institute for Q & A about my Stage and Sabbatical experience, and am planning events for 12 Seasons - and now I'm cooking for the Govenor and 30 of his closest friends... Oh, and I have to go to work, too... The blogs may be short in the next week, or so (is what I'm trying to say)... :)